International A.S.I. Sommelier Diploma

The Exam

Guidelines for the organizing associations

Introduction :

1- The official title of the exam is “International A.S.I. Sommelier Diploma”

2- The “International A.S.I. Sommelier Diploma” is obtained by passing stage 1 and 2 on the International A.S.I. Exam

3- The International A.S.I. Exam has been created to help

- Develop the profession of Sommeliers

- Enhance the qualities of Sommeliers worldwide

- Establish international standards for Sommeliers

These objectives are already defined in the by-laws of the A.S.I. (article 1.2). No doubt that a

great number of sommeliers have been expecting such an opportunity to test their own skills

and get an international diploma. In addition, the exam is a good way of inciting all the

National Associations members to work more closely with the A.S.I. With the creation and

implementation of the exam, all National Association members will be implicated to the A.S.I.

activities other than through the Contests of the Best Sommelier of the World, Europe,

Americas and Asia-Oceania, and will need to play an active role (resulting an additional income).

4- The exam is providing some advantages :

- It represents interesting news for the National press. Good information about the activities of the National Association,

- The Exam can make an extra turnover for the National Associations

- The list of the A.S.I. certified sommeliers will be under the control of each

National Association in order to avoid direct contact with them passing over the

National Association

- The candidates must apply through their National Association, active member of

the A.S.I having paid its annual fees. They need to be members of the association

and get its official approval.

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