The 2013 A.S.I Contest of the Best Sommelier of the world.

  53 candidates including 6 female candidates had participated the 14th Contest of the Best Sommelier of the world. Then 12 of them, including 3 female candidates,

had been selected for the semi-finals, and then 3 of those 12 candidates had advanced to the finals.

In front of an audience of near 4000 people, the finals had begun. Gerard Basse, the previous winner of A.S.I Contest, announced the challenges.

All finalists should be challenged in any other languages except their native language. No.1 finalist from Belgium and No.2 finalist from Canada chose English. Then No.3 finalist from Switzerland chose French

By realizing the preference of 3 male customers at different ages, who set by the bar counter, the challenge of champagne tasting service had begun.

Then, there was a challenge, which need to recommend 5 wines, including 2 bottles of white wine, to match a 7-course menu, for 4 male customers sitting around a round table.


  Service skill challenge was about quickness and good judgment. Finalists had to serve wine for 8 customers, including 2 females, around a round table.

On the console, 2 bottles of wine had dregs settled to the bottom 24 hours ago. Glasses, decanters were prepared. While finalists confirming the wines,

host took bottles and deliberately shook them to stir up the dregs. The point of this challenge is to be attentive to exchange a bottle with no dregs while doing decanting service and pour wine for eight people in a limited time.


After a mistake finding challenge of a wine list, including 4 white wines and 6 red wines, a blind tasting challenge consisted of 1 white & 3 red of still wine and 6 non-wine beverages followed. Lastly,

  a question of matching winemakers’ portrait photos and their names was given as a surprising final challenge.

The winner, Paolo Basso was followed by the runner-up Veronique Rivest, the only female finalist representing Canada. Aristide Spies representing Belgium came third place.

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